Phillies win game 6 at home, force deciding game 7.

By: Chris Schaefer

Tonight might look like this

In a typical “one game at a time” manner the Philadelphia Phillies have won the pivotal game 6 NLCS showdown and forced a deciding game 7. Ryan Howard hit his way out of his 8 for 28 slump, Utley played errorless defense and Oswalt out pitched Sanchez for a complete game.

One can wish. I don’t expect all of those predictions to come true, but if Ryan Howard doesn’t find his bat, Utley botches grounders and Oswalt doesn’t come through then the Phillies won’t play another game this season. This is the Phillies series to lose more than it’s the Giants series to win. Oswalt needs to come with the same grit and determination as our ace Halliday did last game and our bullpen needs to be on high alert in order for everything to fall into place for the Phils. Jason Werth needs to continue what he’s doing both in the field and at the plate. Polanco needs his elbow to hold up a little longer.

It wasn’t too long ago that a Philadelphia Flyers squad came back from a 0-4 game deficit against the Boston Bruins with the mentality that it would take time. They gave their all on every shift in every period in every one of those games. The Phillies are in the same situation and have what it takes to pull of the same result.

Some naysayers are calling for the 37-year-old Sweeney to step in. Yes, it’s gotten that bad for Ryan Howard. All he needs is a good game to erase the dinosaur Sweeney from everyone’s mind. Baseball isn’t an individual sport. It’s a team sport that requires individuals to step up for their team.

This article was also published here: Bleacher Report


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4 Responses to Phillies win game 6 at home, force deciding game 7.

  1. Brandon says:

    Your predictings are coming true bro! Awesome site! Phillies!

  2. Utley Jr says:

    U r right! No errors by Utley, Howard is hitting (still no RBI’s) and Oswalt is still in. U called it!

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