Werth any price

By: Chris Schaefer

Totally Werth it

Please, re-sign Jayson Werth by any means necessary! The guy is awesome and he is a true Philly athlete. He does his job quietly in right field and has an unmistakable poise in the batters box. He kept our hopes alive throughout the season and in the playoffs. I don’t care what he asks for, just pay the man and make sure he’s a Phillie when the 2011 season rolls around. He is the epitome of what fans in this town want to see. He isn’t a pretty boy like you’d see playing for the Yankees. He has Scott Hartnall’s looks (before his recent haircut) and plays as fierce as Ron Hextall. He has Randall Cunningham quickness and a heart like Allen Iverson.

He signed a 10 million dollar contract in January of 2009 in which he earned every penny of. He should’ve been our clean up batter and easily could have done better then Howard did in the playoffs in that role.

Rumor has it that the length of his contract will be as big an issue as the number on the check. The Yankees are already bouncing the idea of an offer around and already have an uptown hairdresser and downtown barber on standby should the Phillies not retain Werth.

Should Werth not resign, the Phillies only really have Domonic Brown to insert in his place. That is a severe downgrade. Rubin Amaro said it best this morning: “I think it was a successful year, but it was a disappointing finish because we expected to be World Series champions. That will be our expectations next year as well.” Let’s just say this: If we EXPECT to be World Series champs again then I suspect we’ll need Jayson Werth to be a part of the picture.

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4 Responses to Werth any price

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  2. Brian Ruttle says:

    if we dont sign him i’ll be very surprised. amaro really seems like he’ll come through with the cash. we have 5 days and counting b4 the yankess try to get him. cool site btw, just found it today.

  3. FtheGiants says:

    i really like your blog, pretty cool insight ! You seem like an honest guy and a good writer. Great article, great topic. We need Werth!

  4. Giants BABY! says:

    maybe he’ll sign with the Giants!! We’re a real team! F the phillies 🙂

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