Philadelphia 76er Evan Turner is the next Allen Iverson

By: Chris Schaefer

The title of this article is a very bold statement, please allow me to explain:

The next A.I.?

As Allen Iverson is packing his bags for Turkey this week, his shadow still remains in Philadelphia. It was 14 years ago that the crossover heard around the world took place. Iverson had 16 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists for the 76ers in a losing effort against the Bulls, but surprisingly it’s a game people still talk about today. Well, maybe no one talks about the game in particular, and no, “we aren’t talking about practice” either. We’re talking about the craziest crossover anyone has ever seen on the NBA stage.
Iverson crossed over on the great Michael Jordan and left him falling over himself as he sunk a jumper. When I first saw it, I thought Michael Jordan broke both of his ankles.

Last night I had déjà. Evan Turner had a 16-point, 7 rebound, 4-assist night as well but it was one specific play that reminded me of Allen Iverson as opposed to the stat comparison.

Turner crossed over on Dwayne Wade just like Iverson crossed over on Jordan and had the same results. Wade cried to the officials that it was a carry, just like Jordan cried that night in 1996. Thus, the torch has been passed.

Sixers fans let out a collective sigh of relieve last night. We all had the calming feeling that things would be OK.

Turner was drafted 2nd overall in the 2010 draft and after seeing what he did in Summer League no one was too impressed. But again, “we aint talking about practice!” We’re talking about the game. Last night Turner showed that he had game. He came off the bench, and took a little time to find his place on the court but finished off strong.

Perhaps he learned from the mistakes that Iverson made in the past. He was quoted as saying “I’ve always thought people would like to see a plane crash rather than see it land. Sometimes I do want to say, Hey, look at me now. But that’s not a classy thing to do.”

Wow, powerful words from a rookie that looks to be a powerful leader on a team that needs him more than ever.

This article was also published here: Bleacher Report


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3 Responses to Philadelphia 76er Evan Turner is the next Allen Iverson

  1. daheat says:

    that was weaker then iverson’s crossover. he got lucky

  2. A to the I says:

    I bet Iverson will land in turkey, get off the plane then get right back on! lol. go 6ers

  3. 6ers blood says:

    he aint as good as iverson was but the guy can ball.

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