NHL All-Star Captains to “Choose Teams” in 2011 All-Star Game in Carolina

By: Chris Schaefer

Do you remember the days of playing hockey on the lake, pond or canal? Two “captains” get to pick through the players one by one to build their elite squad. No individual was stuck in a conference or division.

The NHL has decided to switch up the format for the 2011 NHL All-Star game in Carolina and go with the “Two Captains” format according to the Canadian Press.

Former player and current NHL VP Brendan Shanahan proposed the idea during GM meetings today and told the media that “Players seemed excited by it.”

It’s stated that the “choosing of teams” ceremony will be a live television event to kick off All-Star Weekend. I’m sure there will be changes involving the Skills Competition as well.

Supposedly players are thrilled with the idea of it being up to a captain to “pick teams.” Does this change make it a more individual based sporting event as opposed to a team game?

It’s great to see the NHL trying new things. I heard a few ideas thrown around by people proposing a 3-on-3 overtime before a shootout, which I thought would be an interesting experiment.

The Eastern Conference has traditionally faced off against the Western Conference, which started in 2003. Before that the format was N. American All-Stars vs. World All-Stars among others.

Hats off to you Brendan Shanahan for making it interesting.

This article was also published here: Bleacher Report


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