By: Chris Schaefer

Sidney Crosby has suffered a concussion and the hockey world is up in arms. It’s speculated that he sustained a head injury in the Winter Classic vs. the Washington Capitals on New Years day.

The Winter Classic was supposed to be an outdoors affair bringing the game of hockey back to its roots. It was supposed to attract new viewers who don’t normally watch hockey games. It was meant to display the talent of the two biggest names in hockey today: Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Crosby was supposed to put his team on his back and embarrass his Russian counterpart.
Instead, the Penguins lost the game and their captain.

I’ve always thought Crosby was a head-case, and now it’s medically proven. The NHL’s golden boy has had it too easy in the NHL.

He’s won an Art Ross Trophy, a Hart Trophy, a Lester B. Pearson Award, a Silver medal and a Gold metal. He is a talented hockey player but he’s far from the next coming of Christ.
With Sid the kid out of the lineup, the NHL is back on their heels. The league and all it’s sponsors are collectively holding their breath until Crosby is back. Head injuries take time to heal and each case is different.

The list of hockey players who lost their careers due to concussions is endless: Lindros x 2, Barnaby, Primeau, Stephens, Wallin, Grimson, Odjick, Deadmarsh, Richter, Stewart, Svoboda, Beukeboom, LaFontaine, etc. Some of these players suffered up to six reported concussions in their careers.
To say Crosby got what he deserved is kind of harsh. To say that the NHL got what they deserved is on point. They have hyped Crosby up as the poster child for way too long now. Crosby’s injury is a wake up call to the NHL marketing team.

The NHL needs to stop hyping up individual rivalries and start concentrating on what hockey actually is: A TEAM SPORT.

They should promote the Blackhawks unlikely cup victory. They should harp upon the achievements of the 2010 Philadelphia Flyers. They should promote the unsung and unexpected rookie goalie sensations that have taken over the league this season.

Or, they can wait until Crosby get smashed a few more times and lose all of their TV deals.

This article was also published here: Bleacher Report


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  1. Ron Nause says:

    I read this article and wondered what idiot would write something like this. I read it a couple of more times and decided to find out who Chris Schaefer was. It appears he is another flyers fan who can’t stand Pittsburg anything. I am a hockey fan, I have the nhl package and love to watch hockey. The only thing that turns me off about hockey or any sport for that matter, are people like Chris Schaefer who think they know sports and love to hear themselves talk ( or read about themselves). Trying to make a name for yourself by dissing others certainly does not rate high on my Ronnybrook Awards.

  2. Thank goodness some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this writing!!!

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