Boucher Will Sit, Philadelphia Flyers Bobrovsky to Start Game 3..

The Philadelphia Flyers looked like two different teams in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on Saturday afternoon. One team played wildly and out of position. They left their goalie for dead and looked nervous. The other Flyers team mentally took the ice when Bobrovsky hit the bench.

Bobrovsky was pulled after giving up three goals on ten shots. Boucher then entered the game and the Flyers turned things around.

The pace was still furious but it was organized chaos. Despite the poor power-play efforts, the Flyers controlled the game. Boucher made some huge saves when he was tested, but he was exercising his long distance vision most of the evening. He only gave up one goal in 46 minutes and change. He appeared steady and calm. Maybe it’s because he’s been here before. He’s the steady hand that resets the pace of the game whenever called upon.
On this fact alone, he should be between the pipes when the Flyers take the ice in Buffalo. But he won’t. Peter Laviolette is known to go with his gut when it comes to his starter. So far this year his gut feeling has been more accurate then most gamblers. Perhaps he should take his gut to Vegas in the off-season.

He’s a gambling man but he’s predictable. He will start Sergei Bobrovsky. Based on that, let’s hope we don’t see Boucher because if he makes an appearance chances are the Flyers are down a few goals.

If he does show his face we can be sure to get what he’s been giving since day 1: Relief.

This article was also published here:Bleacher Report


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