Allow me to introduce myself….

Hey, what’s going on?

Hopefully, you’re reading this because you like Philly sports and would like to read insightful, thought-provoking, and completely unbiased Philadelphia sports commentary.

Well, before we go off into a tailspin about what you are, or aren’t, here to see/read let me introduce myself.

My name is Mike, this is Chris’ site and will always be (hopefully we can get him to start posting again too) however Chris has been nice enough to allow me to contribute to this site. First, some credentials:

– Philly sports fan all my life

– Born and raised in Wilmington, DE which is about 20 minutes south of Philly

– Andy Reid supporter, wanna fight about it?

– 4 for 4 fan

– I’m currently a sports writer covering athletics in Delaware but I’ve covered Philly sports for nearly a decade

So, tired of this yet? Yeah. So am I.

Now, why are you here? Ah, yes Philadelphia sports talk. Well, here it goes. Here are just a few of my thoughts on each Philly team and the current playoffs, hope you like it. If so, c’mon back they’ll be more.


– Phils –

As of right now the Phils are coming off of a series win over the Mets up in New York. Bottom line, it’s always nice to get a series win against a divisional opponent in their yard. It was nice to see Jimmy smack a deep one, even if it was very Bobby Abreu-ish.

Chooch, what can I say about Chooch? Dude’s an all-star, or should be. You do realize the guy is batting .371? .371!! Not only does the guy continue to do good work behind the plate but he continues his hot year at the plate with a clutch anti-Bobby Abreu-ish 2-run shot to tie the game tonight.

No win for Cliff Lee, still carrying around that goose-egg in the win column. I hate to say it but I think it might be getting to Lee. Winning changes everything, so it’s normal to expect the same with losing. Which means once Lee finally gets that W (and he will), things will change again. You know what you have in Lee, the guy is a competitor and he should be upset having no wins at this point in the year. I guess it’s up to the observer to make their own determination regarding where his anger is directed. Is he angry with himself?  Or is he angry with the team? It’s hard to say, words with Victorino aside because these things happen, especially with two competitive guys.

What’s my opinion on the matter? Eh, these things happen. I can’t see it steamrolling into some sort of disaster.

Let’s be real, the Phils are damn lucky to be where they are right now. Three games out should be seen as a major accomplishment considering who is missing on this team, not to mention missing Lee for a time.

To end this Phils discussion, I’m not going to get into Ryan Howard and Chase Utley and when or if they’ll ever come-back. Much like the Phillies and all of us, nobody knows.


– Eagles –

OTA’s! Sorry, but I don’t care if you think my excitement over OTA’s is completely unwarranted. I love football, and these days the NFL season never really ends. And for huge football fans (or geeks) OTA’s are a sign that training camp is right around the corner.

To help keep this short I’ll just say I’ve been happy with the Eagles off season moves and I’m very excited for the season. I’ll go on the record (and one actually exists) by saying I said, I believe in September of last year, that it was a 2-year plan. You don’t win championships in the off season or on paper, but I like the feel of this Eagle team. Whether or not these moves were made because of an ultimatum on Reid/Roseman or whomever – doesn’t matter. Things have gotten done.  


– Flyers –

Ed Snider spoke with the media this week and made some comments about Ilya Bryzgalov. Snider thought Bryzgalov wasn’t prepared for the pressure of playing goal in Philly, from the fans and media. If you don’t buy that, you weren’t paying attention.

Will next year be different? I tend to think so. Bryzgalov was not the reason the Flyers lost to the Devils, but he could have been the reason why they didn’t get swept. I think both sides know how to approach each other now and hopefully the relationship is able to continue its growth when training camp rolls around.

The Kings defeated the Devils tonight in overtime of Game 1. I can’t stress enough; I am not backing the Kings in this series. It doesn’t matter to me how many former Flyers are on the Kings, because they are just that, former Flyers. Either way, whoever wins the Cup, I’m not going to be happy.


– Sixers –

The Sixers announced they won’t pick up the option on Craig Brackins, he of D-League fame. Not a total surprise, the Sixers hoped Brackins would develop into a nice high-energy low-post player but he was more interested in playing like Josh Smith pre-2012. I seem to remember Brackins always putting up solid numbers in the D-League but he likely had free range on offense there. The fact that he got little, if any, playing time shows he simply couldn’t do what they wanted. His money will be wisely spent on the 15th pick this season.

The Heat took a 2-0 lead tonight. Looked like the C’s had this one, and the Heat nearly gave it back to them at the end. Lost in all of this is an outstanding game by Rondo. A lot of it has to do with picking your poison; do you think Rondo the play-maker is more dangerous than Rondo the scorer? I think the Heat, and almost everyone else believes that you can live with Rondo the scorer. When he’s getting everyone else involved things can get outta hand quickly. Taking nothing away from his game, he had a tremendous night.

Unfortunately for the Celtics I think they gave the Heat their best shot tonight and it still wasn’t good enough.

Oddly enough my thoughts on the Celtics/Heat series are similar to my thoughts on the Thunder/Spurs series. The Spurs are playing out of their minds right now. The real test will be their reaction to losing a game, which is very possible in this series. Remember Game 1 was a three-point game. Though, I don’t see anything throwing the Spurs off, even losing Game 3. They’re a machine right now, led by perhaps the best and most underrated head coach in the league. And on the court you have Tony Parker playing lights out and a rejuvenated Tim Duncan. I’m afraid it’s not OKC’s year, but their time will come.

Well, that’s it for me tonight. In the future I’ll be posting more focused articles. For my first post I just wanted you to learn a thing or two about me and get an idea of my point-of-view towards Philly sports.

Hate it? Like it? Wanna argue about something?

Hit me up on Twitter – @Mike__SB



About phillysportsgod

I'm a Philly sports fan who was born in the city of brotherly love.
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