Why I’m not backing the LA Kings in the Cup Finals

For my second article here at Philly Sports God, I’m going to tackle the whole Flyers West ridiculousness that’s been flooding my timeline.


It’s simple, really.

Really, really simple.

No matter what you call it or how you justify it, I cannot and will not be backing the Kings in the Cup Finals. Tonight, the Kings look to extend their lead to 3-0 in the series and I couldn’t be more miserable.

Flyers West? How about, uh no.

I don’t care how many former Flyers may be wearing Kings jerseys now, because they are just that, former Flyers. Can I be happy for some of these guys? Yes. Openly cheer for their victory? As I Flyers fans it’s simply not allowed. And if you find yourself cheering for the Kings like you cheer for the orange and black, you should seriously re-think your fandom.

As immature as it may sound, the Kings winning the cup just isn’t fair. And it’s not just unfair to Flyers fans; it’s unfair to the majority of NHL’s fan-bases. The Kings were the 8th seed. They play in that hockey-hot-bed Los Angeles where the local news can’t seem to go a night without broadcasting some glaring mistake about the game we all love.

And, Jeff Carter?

The guy who whined and cried his way out of Columbus, and he’s going to get rewarded with a cup? Is there no justice?

Also, the Kings winning the cup will allow disgusting creatures to climb out of the woodwork. Those creatures that will bad mouth Paul Holmgren’s off season trade of both Carter and former Captain Mike Richards.

Once again, let me remind you the Kings barely squeezed into the playoffs. Also, neither Richards nor Carter had what you’d categorize as great years.

In fact, seven players on the Flyers tallied more points than Richards, while his point total was matched by Kimmo Timonen.

Nine players on the Fly-Guys scored more points than Carter, including – you guessed it, Matt Carle.

Included on both lists are Jake Voracek and Wayne Simmonds, remember where they came from? Both had better years. The other piece to the Carter trade, Sean Couturier was a plus 18 on the year, while the Carter was a minus 12.

So, you’ll forgive me if I still think the Flyers made-out on the deal.

While the Kings may win a cup, they’re stuck with both Richards and Carters contracts with important players coming up on Unrestricted and Restricted free agency. They’re going to win, then they’re going to blow it up. One and done.

Meanwhile, the Flyers are contenders nearly every season, still without a cup since 1975.

Is there no justice?

Sure, it sounds like sour grapes but you’ll forgive me if the likes of Simon Gagne, Jeff Carter, Justin Williams and Mike Richards are two games from raising the cup while the Flyers campaign to get Claude Giroux on the cover of a video game.


-Mike Santa Barbara

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