Phils ninth inning win against Rockies wasn’t just any W

The Phils caught a break Wednesday night, for a change.

Colorado 1st basemen Todd Helton, who has gold gloves coming out his you know what, makes an uncharacteristic mistake allowing the Phils to steal one in the 9th.

This game had all the ingredients of one we may very well look back upon as the moment the tide turned.

This wasn’t a game winning base hit up the middle type of game. Nor was it a walk-off homerun type of game.

This game was different.

Jonathan Papelbon allowed a run in the ninth which gave the Rockies the lead. A “what else is new” if you’re a Phils fan. My reaction was the same as the majority of Phillies Nation, a groan, which lately has been followed by a disgusted chuckle, as if to say “what else is new?”

However, Wednesday night wouldn’t end like so many brutal Phils losses this season. No, tonight the Fightins’ would dig deep, catch a break, and win a game they deserved to win.

Ah, Justice at last.

I know there is still a huge hill to climb, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

The truth is sometimes the first few wins are the hardest to get. Especially when you’ve seen a game like Wednesday’s go the other way so many times, in so many creatively brutal ways.

A win like this after such a tough stretch will make you remember that the game, while it’s harsh and unforgiving, can sometimes bestow its spoils to you as well.

Sometimes a team can forget how to win, and in some cases can be flat out terrified to even try. Then you have second-guessing, pressing, frustration, confusion and more importantly losses by the bus load.

A win like tonight can put those cares to rest for at least one night. Tomorrow the boys will come to the ballpark with smiles on their faces looking, maybe even expecting, to win their third in a row.

Let’s say Wednesday night’s play happens exactly as it unfolded but the first base umpire called Polanco out? Can you imagine the damage that may have done to the Phils already pummeled psyche?

Which is why Wednesday night’s win wasn’t just any ole’ W. It was bigger than that.

Come October we could all be looking back at Wednesday night, Todd Helton missing the bag as Placido Polanco passes him safely, thinking that was the night it all turned around.


– Mike Santa Barbara

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